Justine M. Metz

Justine Metz (she/her) is a strategic marketing and product management executive with more than 30 years of B2B and B2C leadership in consumer packaged goods and financial services.

Ms. Metz is President of Sapientia Strategic Consulting which is her own Marketing Strategy consulting company that focuses on projects that serve a social purpose. Current clients include Activate Workforce Solutions, a public benefit corporation that helps low income people achieve economic freedom through the dignity of work, H2 Manufacturing Solutions who, given COVID-19, has taken on a purpose to protect and save lives while getting and keeping businesses and schools open to stimulate the Colorado economy and Highlands Church whose mission is to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.

Ms. Metz has lead two high impact initiatives in Colorado that span the public and private sectors: Colorado Manufacturer’s COVID Task Force and Colorado Inclusive Economy (https://inclusiveeconomy.us/) where she served as interim CEO. Prior to transitioning in 2020 to the purposeful stage of her career, Ms. Metz was Executive Vice President for Prosper, a peer to peer marketplace lender where she was held accountable for growth which included revenue and eBITDA targets for the personal loan and HELOC businesses.