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Relationships Transform Lives

Kindred targets a largely invisible relationship gap — between parents — that research suggests will lead to profound outcomes for students.


All parents want what’s best for their children.

What happens, though, when schools offer only a handful of ways for families to access the supports they need to help their children thrive? When those supports are developed and provided through one cultural lens, they advantage the parents who know that culture well and unintentionally disadvantage parents unfamiliar with those norms.

In diverse schools in DC, we see this disparate access play out in the differing achievement levels between low- and high-income children and between white children and children of color. To begin to address this disconnect, we must take steps that will enable parents to work together to build more equitable school communities.

*Putnam, Robert. Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2015.



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