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Relationships Transform Lives

LIFE-CHANGING! Hearing my colleagues share about their life experiences and how it shaped their perspective gave me a new understanding and fire for helping all children get the education and childhood they deserved.

– Kindred dialogue participant


We live in a deeply inequitable and divided country where racism in its many forms continues to permeate all aspects of our lived experience — from schooling, housing, and healthcare to political representation, income, and treatment under the law. Though public education is premised as the great equalizer, our institutions of learning mirror the injustices of our society, evidenced by the persistent opportunity gap between Black, Brown and Indigineous students and their White peers.

Inequitable access to the fundamental right to an education – to safe schools, qualified teachers, and enriching learning experiences for our children – has led to devastating racial disparities in measures of success. For one, White children consistently perform higher on standardized tests than their peers of color, which correlates with higher earnings and wellness outcomes later in life. 

This should not and does not have to be our reality. We can create something different – a collaborative, loving society where everyone thrives and lives out their fullest expression of humanity. To do this, we must address the root causes of these inequitable opportunities. This starts in our schools, with understanding how interpersonal, internalized, and systemic racism interfere with the learning, socio-emotional well-being, and holistic development of all students. 

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