We facilitate brave spaces to build the mindsets, skills, and energy needed to disrupt systemic oppression and create just, liberated schools.

Partner with us.

If your school community is ready to engage in brave conversations about identity, race, and equity and co-design a shared vision, now may be the time to partner with us.

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For schools to be places where every young person is valued, where their creative genius is celebrated, and where they are prepared for success in life, school communities must first build the mindsets, skills, and collective energy needed to make their schools more equitable and just.

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We are going places, supporting more schools in DC and nationwide, and launching an alumni network. Join us in helping more schools launch their journey to becoming a Kindred School.



We partner with school communities to build just, liberated schools.


Build the foundation.

Kindred brings students, caregivers, staff, and leaders together to engage in brave dialogue about who they are, how they show up, and how they experience their school community.


Create a shared vision of equity.

Kindred supports the school in developing and beginning to actualize a shared vision of a community in which everyone experiences a sense of belonging and can thrive.


Reinforce the stronger foundation.

Kindred coaches and collaborates with equity leaders to codify structures and practices that will sustain and maximize the impact of their work over time.


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08 Nov: Advocacy Cohort Invitation

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