Principal Turner and staff at Walker-Jones Education Campus share powerful affirmations for their students. 

The children will have a voice to shape their own future.  

– Staff member at Walker-Jones Education Campus

Welcome Back to School

We hope you and your family had a wonderful summer! We know a lot goes into preparing for the start of school and we are excited to see all the great work that is taking place in our partner schools.

We were inspired by the affirmations shared by the staff at Walker-Jones EC and we’d love to hear your vision for your child this academic school year. Share your affirmation with us by posting on our Facebook Page!

Kindred staff wish all the families, students, and staff at our partner schools a wonderful start to the new school year!

Family Recruitment Has Begun

Recruitment season is on! Kindred is growing and will be working with families and staff across 13 schools this year. We welcome new partners: Key Elementary, Mundo Verde PCS, Takoma Education Campus, and Walker-Jones Education Campus, and are thrilled to continue our work at our additional nine partner schools. Be on the lookout for the blue shirts at your schools to join a dialogue group!

Kindred parent leaders joined Principal Kiplinger at Garrison Elementary’s recent family recruitment event.

Partnering with School Leaders and Staff

Kindred has been thrilled to participate in professional development for three partner schools this year — Bancroft Elementary, Takoma Education Campus and Walker-Jones Education Campus. We appreciate the priority school leaders and the broader staff community are placing on building relationships of trust and empathy between one another and with families. We are excited to continue to engage with staff teams across six schools this year!

Kindred participated in Bancroft Elementary School’s professional development day.

Annual Kindred Family Fest

Kindred celebrated the work of our families at Family Fest on June 3rd at our partner school, Washington Yu Ying PCS. Our families and friends enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of fellowship, delicious refreshments, and family activities. We appreciate everyone who joined us in celebrating another successful year with Kindred. Thank you to all of our families, partners, and volunteers for spending a part of your summer with us!

Kindred Family Fest June 2019

Our Kindred Family Is Growing 

Kindred is excited to welcome our newest parent organizer and facilitator, Yesenia Regalado. Learn more about Yesenia and her motivation for parent engagement by checking out her bio.

If you would like to be a part of a fast-paced, vibrant, diverse and inclusive team, please send your CV and a cover letter describing why you are passionate about Kindred’s work to info@kindredcommunities.org.

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Kindred has grown! We will be working in 13 schools this year, and we need your support to help make that happen! Please consider sponsoring a dialogue group!

  • Childcare for one session is $80
  • Food for one session is $120
  • One parent’s participation costs for 10 dialogue sessions is $500

Thank you for your consideration!