During this time of shared vulnerability, Kindred‘s work is more important than ever. As our public social safety net strains under the increased burden, it further reveals significant flaws in supporting access for all residents to basic needs of food, shelter, education and healthcare, Kindred is redoubling its efforts to build a human social safety net to help. Over the past two weeks, we have:

  • Surveyed over 100 families about their needs and identified ways to connect them to each other for enduring support, as well as to available resources
  • Created a fund to raise money to purchase laptops, as well as collected and redistributed technology to families without devices to support online learning
  • Created a Facebook group for Kindred participants and alumni to share resources and needs with one another
  • Shifted our dialogue groups to an online platform so that parents and school staff may continue to meet and support one another
  • Facilitated online processing space for any family needing emotional support during these stressful times
  • Equity committees at our partner schools have leapt into action, gathering food gift cards, technology and working with families to ensure their needs are met


Kindred will continue to identify innovative ways to help families connect directly with one another to deepen empathy and support one another during this time.