The Kindred Team stands with Black parents, students, staff, and community members in our partner schools, throughout our city, and across this nation in the wake of the harrowing events of the last week, from the slaying of George Floyd at the hands of the police to the tear-gassing of peaceful protesters who were demonstrating outside of the White House against ongoing police brutality and racial oppression in the United States.

How we are experiencing this raw and painful moment in our country’s history is, of course, impacted immensely by who we are – especially with regard to how we identify racially – by how we see the world, and by how the world sees us. And, we know that our intersecting identities will inform the way we process and respond to what is happening.

As we individually and collectively grieve, reflect, and act – in whatever forms make sense for us – know that we at Kindred are here…as a listening ear, as a space to work through what’s coming up for us, or as a thought partner to discuss the ways we can show up in the fight for racial justice in the skin we’re in. Know that we are unwaveringly dedicated to our vision of communities that collaborate for the well-being of all. Know that every day, we will re-commit to our work to support parents and staff across our network and beyond in building trusting relationships across racial identities, in building empathy and understanding, in building our capacity to see our shared humanity and work collectively to dismantle racism in its many forms, and in building loving, inclusive, and equitable communities where every person can thrive.

We stand with George Floyd. We stand with Christian Cooper. We stand with Breonna Taylor. We stand with Ahmaud Arbery. We stand with the countless other Black men, women, and children who have been killed by and continue to suffer because of individual, institutional, and systemic racism. We stand in solidarity in this fight for racial justice and for our collective liberation. #BlackLivesMatter #KindredCommunities