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Join Our Team

Kindred is a relatively new organization that builds relationships among parents of diverse backgrounds in elementary schools in Washington DC. Our vision is a society where communities care for all children as if they were their own and families are active agents in leading this change. Grounded in participatory action, we support parents in working collectively toward educational equity in their children’s school through the lens of racial justice.

Interns! Kindred seeks interns year-round to support our programmatic work. If you believe in our mission and are looking for hands-on experience in a results-driven, justice-oriented nonprofit, please send a CV and cover letter describing your interest and availability to:

Lead Entrepreneur, Families for Equity Online Community


Washington, D.C.


In today’s segregated society, there are few opportunities for parents to connect meaningfully with one another across racial and socioeconomic difference, and this leads to families having connections with different networks of people and resources that provide inequitable access to educational opportunities, cultural knowledge and economic advancement. Washington, DC is home to more than 45 elementary schools with diverse student bodies where developing connections across difference is possible, but does not tend to happen on its own.  Parents need brave, safe spaces and skilled facilitation to build trust and relationships with one another. Kindred establishes these spaces by facilitating dialogues among families of diverse backgrounds that culminate in their taking collective action to benefit all students.

Kindred’s vision is a society where communities care for all children as if they were their own, with parents leading this change. Grounded in participatory action, Kindred is on the cutting edge of a new approach to organizing and engaging families. We seek individuals to join our organization who are captivated and driven by our mission and thrive in work environments with big goals and a scrappy team to accomplish them.

About this Role

Kindred strives to create an active network of parents who connect with one another in a vibrant online community to share ideas, resources, and drive each other’s belief and motivation to eliminate educational inequity in the communities where they reside in our lifetime. In service of building this digital community, Kindred must carve out and source the tributaries to fuel and grow its base of users while engaging and energizing the users already poised to do and engage more. As such, we are seeking an individual who exhibits a track record of success and passion in three core competencies in network building and communications: vision creation, strategy development and implementation. As a new role in unchartered territory, the responsibilities will evolve as we learn from the families we serve. 

Online community development and management (70%)

From initiation to implementation, own and manage all elements of developing Kindred’s online network of parents and associated allies into a successful, self-sustaining part of Kindred’s model, including:

  • Using design thinking (e.g., empathy interviews and focus groups, rapid prototyping testing, developing a beta), deeply understand the interests of the audience
  • Aggregate and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to inform the ongoing content and direction of Kindred’s online network
  • Using the data, develop a vision and strategy to develop and run a beta of the network
  • Run the beta, testing various hypotheses and modifying the beta accordingly
  • Content development. Develop content that is compelling and motivates engagement of parents on the digital network, growing our user base to 5,000 parents within one year; connected to this goal, manage Kindred’s Facebook account, including posting content and growing its traffic and activity
  • Synthesis of lessons. Synthesize the lessons from the network, including communications messaging and tactics, so that they may be integrated into all relevant elements of Kindred’s work, especially communications

All of the above are a part of the Lean Impact model of product development. Knowledge of this model is critical for success in this role.

Parent leadership and coaching (15%)

  • Develop and lead the parent advisory council (PAC), a body that will provide regular feedback and serve as a sounding board for key messages and strategy for the organization and the network. This includes:
    • In partnership with the executive director, develop a vision, goals and implementation plan for the advisory council
    • Develop and run the selection process for council membership
    • On-board and provide on-going support to members, including mentoring them to become spokespeople and leaders for advancing educational equity in the city
    • Develop a curriculum for PAC members
    • Facilitate all aspects of quarterly council meetings
    • Work with the executive director to maintain funding to support the PAC

Facilitation (5-10%)

  • To ground oneself in the needs and interests of families, co-facilitate (or possibly lead) a dialogue group with other Kindred staff
  • Play a role recruiting and retaining a diverse set of parents to be part of a 10-week dialogue about identity, race, systemic racism, equity and parent activism

Contribute to the vision and direction of Kindred as a member of the team (5-10%)

  • Participate in weekly team meetings
  • Aggregate and present data from your areas of work to influence the vision and direction of Kindred’s work.
  • Thought partner with colleagues to improve progress to outcomes.

Desired Attributes, Experience, and Skills

If you possess an unwavering commitment to the advancement of educational equity and racial justice, you love accomplishing tasks quickly and effectively, you are an ambitious learner, and you are a visionary, strategic, social entrepreneur, we invite you to join us at Kindred. Because we are a start-up, we are looking for individuals who want to be part of creating something exciting and new and people for whom this work is much more than a job; it’s your calling. We are seeking candidates able to toggle successfully between thinking big and implementing with attention to detail, willing to roll up one’s sleeves and dig in, and who demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Social entrepreneurialism
    • You think big – you believe that social change is possible, and you eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    • You are so committed to your vision that you feel restless until it becomes a new pattern of behavior among those you seek to influence. You are willing to spend years grappling with the practical “how to” challenges (e.g., how to get to national scale, how to make the pieces fit together, etc.) – thinking about it all the time in various aspects of your daily life, seeking inspiration from unexpected places, employing creative approaches.
    • You have examples of translating those big ideas into a vision that compels others to contribute their skills and resources to advancing that vision.
    • You have a track record of breaking that vision down into a strategy with clear priorities and implementable chunks of work with measurable ways to assess progress.
    • You see patterns among things and connect those patterns to things that need to change or be done differently.
    • You thrive in new environments without a lot of guidelines and where you need to pivot quickly (we are a start up!).
  • Exceptional implementation skills
    • At this stage in your career, you can list the projects you have implemented successfully and have systems for organizing your tasks and independently ensuring you stay on task. This should not be a growth area for you.
    • You accomplish many tasks in a short amount of time with few to no mistakes.
    • You know how to prioritize – you pay attention to getting the most important things done first without getting distracted or overwhelmed.
    • You possess a strong sense of judgment, grounded in life experience, about what things are most important to do first, or you know enough to know when to ask for input from others about this.
  • Data- and results-driven
    • You produce results without a lot of supervision, and you have practiced managing up successfully.
    • Your natural instinct is to rely on data regularly to assess how your work is going.
    • Setting concrete goals and achieving them is in your DNA, and, because of this, you are willing to scrap what you are doing if it isn’t working and start over when it means achieving a better outcome, including during periods of stress and/or ambiguity.
  • Excellent communication skills
    • You are a clear writer with strong command over standard English grammar and punctuation
    • You are adept at connection with all types of people for a variety of reasons, from building warmth and commitment to explaining processes to delivering difficult-to-hear messages
    • You pay attention to detail and have a high bar for excellence in the final product you deliver
  • Strong intuition for visually appealing design
    • You have created compelling, clear presentations, flyers and invitations that are attractive and demonstrate basic visual design principles while convey complex information in a manner easy-to-understand by your audience
    • You are comfortable working at a basic level to edit photos, videos and have a sense for what looks good and is compelling to various audiences
    • You can complete basic graphic design tasks and video editing projects using programs like Canva and iMovie
  • Technology savvy
    • You are an expert in Microsoft Office suite
    • You are comfortable learning online apps, such as Expensify
  • Committed to demonstrating our core values: Our core values are Equity, Love, Humility and Impact.
    • Equity: We envision a society where each of us embraces our roles in perpetuating and interrupting oppression to realize our collective liberation.
    • Love: We have a responsibility to each person with whom we interact to show up with open hearts and minds by critically reflecting on our interactions in terms of our identity and repairing any ruptures.
    • Humility: We seek to be influenced by the ideas of others and collaboratively create change.
    • Impact: Everything we do, every day, is in pursuit of measurable, sustainable outcomes toward a more just society.

Desired experience and skills

  • Experience with traditionally marginalized populations – You have experience working with and valuing people who our system often has not likely because you are a person of color or because you have deep, immersive experience working with African American and Latinx communities.
  • Experience growing a base of users/members online – You have demonstrated success in growing a following online.
  • Self- and cross-cultural awareness – An essential part of this role is to be able to engage productively in courageous conversations about identity, race and equity, regardless of whether it is the boss or an assistant who needs help seeing a new perspective.
  • Connection with the substance of our work – Successful candidates will have worked in education, psychology, parenting, online community management or a related field.
  • Education and years of experience – Successful candidates will have real-world experience practicing the elements listed above. This is more important to us than any specific degree. We are looking for previous evidence of success in alignment with the work outlined above.

Timing, Location, and Compensation

All elements of the role begin immediately. Candidates must be located in Washington DC. We offer a very competitive benefits package including health, retirement matching, flexible work location (within DC area) and paid leave for individuals working full-time. The salary range for this role is $90,000-$120,000, commensurate with experience level.

Equal Opportunity

Kindred provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics. This role requires physical activity in the form of moving among schools, among rooms in schools (some of which requires climbing stairs, bending and crouching) and carrying approximately 20 pounds of materials.

To Apply

Please send a 1-2 page cover letter describing who you are: how do you identify, what drives you, and how have you lived out your values as related to the aspects of this role. Please include why you are personally compelled by Kindred’s mission. Cover letters that do not reflect thoughtful response to this prompt will be dismissed. Please also include your CV. Email both documents to with Director, Network and Communications in the subject line.

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