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Our Vision

Communities collaborate to create antiracist and liberated schools.

Our Mission

We facilitate brave spaces to build the mindsets, skills, and energy needed to disrupt systemic oppression and create just, liberated schools.

Our Values


We hold ourselves and our communities in love and with intention to live out our values and actualize our vision.


We believe empathy is a process of understanding, allowing us to connect with others on a deeply human level.


We are works in progress and we commit to listening, learning, and growing as individuals and as a community.


We recognize that trust, patience, care, and effort are required to cultivate authentic relationships, and we believe this investment is worth it.

Exploration of Tensions

We expect, lean into, and address conflict to deepen relationships and pursue liberation.


We uncover oppressive mindsets to create new ways of thinking and being that enable our liberation.

Process as Product

We believe that process is action. We know that the fruits of our labor will grow tomorrow from the seeds that we germinate today.

Community Power and Co-Creation

We support communities in enacting, amplifying, and centering the voices and experiences of excluded groups to construct a liberated way forward.

“It’s the unspoken that hinders children’s lives.” – DC parent

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