Kindred’s work is racial justice work

As the last three and a half weeks have shown us, we are in the midst of a potentially transformative moment in the fight for Black lives and the fight against racism in this country. If this moment is to live up to its potential, we must extend this period of individual and collective reflecting, reckoning, and responding until we are truly a society that is just and inclusive.

At Kindred, we work toward this vision by starting with self. Through small group dialogue, we uniquely address the root causes of racial biases where they sit – in the subconscious, emotional, reactive part of our brain. By partnering with parents and school staff to create safe and brave spaces where we can explore our identities, histories, and how our experiences impact how we treat each other, Kindred supports school communities in bringing awareness to and working to overcome the biases we hold about ourselves and others. We do this through a series of sessions that build connections among school community members of diverse backgrounds, fostering trust, love, empathy and a commitment to advancing racial justice and educational equity in our own lives and in our schools. In case you missed it, read Kindred’s full statement about our commitment to anti-racism here.

Kindred’s powerful parent network

This school year turned out differently than any of us anticipated. We are grateful to our school partners and parent and staff participants and alumni for their flexibility and imagination in helping us grow Kindred’s impact during this time. Here is a snapshot of the Kindred community’s efforts and impact in the midst of this global pandemic:

More than 150 Kindred alumni carved out the time while teaching online, while caring for their children, while working, while doing so many other things, to make their schools better for all children. Here’s a window into what dialogue group alumni and participants did:

Parents and staff alumni from across Ward 1 developed the idea for this video to share good news about how we can each help one another during some of the darkest times during this pandemic.

Meet Kindred’s new deputy director, Zakiya Reid!

We’re excited to introduce you to Kindred’s new deputy director, Zakiya Reid! Zakiya brings to our team nearly 20 years of advancing racial and educational equity through her work as a charter and traditional public school leader and nonprofit executive. Her work has enabled schools to better support students of color and those living in low-income households to be affirmed and discover their gifts. Learn more about Zakiya here.

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