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We will be a better country if we have honest conversations about race and class. And there is a way in which thoughtful interaction across difference helps strengthen the fabric of our country…It is also better for kids.

 – Former Secretary of Education John King

Former Secretary of Education and current CEO of The Education Trust, John King, headlined the release of Kindred’s programmatic evaluation on October 3, 2018.  The study, performed by the evaluation firm Community Science, examined the impact of Kindred’s dialogue-to-action model in four diverse Washington, D.C. public and public charter schools during the 2017-18 academic year and found that after engaging in facilitated conversations about themselves, their children, and the role of race and class in our schools and society, diverse groups of parents embraced the opportunity to do something together about systemic disadvantage. Kindred’s work is influencing how parents act toward one another and support each other’s children in schools. This matters. As Secretary King shared, “Diversity at the door is not sufficient to create equitable environments… Kindred is part of a strategy to do diversity well. The plan has to go beyond just moving students around. It has to include how to create functional diverse communities. That means parents have to talk across difference…Otherwise we risk people walking away either congratulating themselves for change that isn’t real or people throwing up their hands saying diversity doesn’t work.” Find a video of the full event here and see a clip below of Secretary King discussing Kindred’s work with Andre Perry from the Brookings Institution.

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